What We Look for in a Tester

Every firm thinks they have the best team on the planet; we are no exception. Our Adversarial Engineers work hard to ensure our clients realize their potential when securing their systems and data.

Update: Sept 2023 This position is closed.

Do you want to know what we look for when we hire? Do you want to work at Lares on our consulting team? Good News! We are hiring! This post will tell you what we look for and how to apply to become a member of our team.

Our company is 100% remote workers, and we are looking for testers Globally(With our team currently located in US, CA, UK & Spain). If you have what it takes, email a resume to jobs [at] laresconsulting.com.


This is the most essential quality of our team here a Lares. Our testers collaborate daily, we all have things to teach each other, and we are hungry to learn new techniques and tools. If you have something to share, it's welcome, no matter the level. This enables our team to leverage the skills of others on assessments and often produces results where other teams have failed.

Basic Skills

Do you have a strong grasp on how the tools you use work under the hood? We aren't talking about the commands themselves... do you really know what they do and how they do it? Can you perform an exploit without using common exploit frameworks? Can you "live off the land?" This is not a shop where we only exploit what we see on vulnerability scanners; we don't do your typical penetration testing; we go beyond that. With our tests, Domain Admin is often just the start of the objectives; we want to make sure our clients improve their security posture as much as possible, and to that end, we have to think outside the box.

Can you communicate effectively both in person and writing? Communicating complex issues to our customers and helping them through the entire testing journey is a must in this position. We look at your technical skills and how you communicate in our hiring process, and it will be a core competency of any position here at Lares.

Beyond the Basics

Lares is the home of the Red Team. We were one of the first, and we continue that tradition of offering truly full-scope services. Can you social engineer your way into places (we aren't talking about just being able to Lie, can you actually get someone to do something to get you access)? Do you like to get into places nobody else has been able to? This is the place for you! We perform blended attacks between the physical, social, and technical...

Maybe you like the purple side of things? Or like to Phish and do OSINT; we have talented people in many places and believe in the cross-pollination of our team. We try to keep things as fresh and exciting as possible, and if you want to learn how to do something, we encourage it.

A little about Lares

Our team works hard and plays harder. We encourage work/life balance and have flexible schedules to match that. We are a team of engineers built by engineers who treat each other the way we would want to be treated. We understand life happens and encourage PTO (we have an unlimited PTO policy) when needed.

We strongly support involvement in the Security community, our engineers are encouraged to speak at conferences, and if they need time to develop a talk or class research, time can be arranged. Additionally, our blog and public tool library continues growing, and contributions are encouraged.

Still reading and Interested?

Please send a resume to jobs [at] laresconsulting.com; we are currently hiring for all levels of our consultancy team.

Update: Sept 2023 This position is closed. If you'd like to submit your resume for the next round of hiring in 2024 let us know.

External Agencies & Recruiters, please read…

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